Use the audio and video resources on this page to learn about the Alexander Technique, and how it relates to posture, motion and ergonomics.


Dr Aniko Ball, a dentist and Alexander Technique teacher in Melbourne, Australia talks about Inner and Outer Ergonomics:


Leah Zhang, an Alexander Technique teacher and Ergonomics Specialist in Los Angeles talks about the connections between Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique: Listen

Ann Rodiger, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City and author of How to Sit Your Body at Work, talks about ergonomics, the Alexander Technique and about sitting at work: Listen

Robert Rickover, an Alexander Technique teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto Canada  provides a general introduction to the Alexander Technique: Listen

More audio material about the Alexander Technique can be found at


Alexander Technique, Workstation Posture & Correcting Forward Head Posture:

Sitting Comfortably Erect

Watch this 3 minute introductory video explanation of the Technique by Marjorie Barstow:

or a somewhat longer version by her:

Shortd video produced by the British Medical Journal about a major study showing the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique in helping people with backpain:

More videos about the Alexander Technique can be found at